Alcohol wholesale

Zhiguli Vodka Plant LLC provides its partners with the opportunity to purchase alcohol in bulk.

The enterprise is equipped with modern equipment that ensures large-scale production volumes: over 50 thousand decaliters of alcoholic beverages per month.

The products of Zhiguli Vodka Plant LLC are represented by seven brands: Partner, Volodinka, 99999gold, Wicket, Home Doctor, Zoloto Zhiguli and Amadeо. Vodka is produced at the factory in volumes of 0.25; 0.5; 0.7; 0.75 l. For wholesale, bottles are packed in cartons (from 4 to 28 in one package, depending on the volume and brand).

LLC “ZhVZ” sells alcohol in bulk in the Samara region, as well as nearby regions of the Russian Federation. Deliveries of vodka have also been established abroad: to Armenia, Abkhazia and Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Germany.

Selling alcohol in bulk, ZhVZ LLC is interested in creating long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with partners and guarantees loyal prices and an individual approach to each counterparty.