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  • «Partner»

    A top-quality product for ambitious, determined people. “Partner” vodka contains water treated with shungite – a natural material with unique beneficial properties due to the unusual structure of its carbon molecules. The exceptional purity of “Partner” vodka is achieved by a careful filtration of each drop of the drink with silver. The nobility and delicacy of “Partner” vodka is given by the wheat notes in the aroma and the fresh aftertaste. The production of “Partner” vodka includes an additional unique final ageing stage – rest. “Partner” vodka acquires its perfectly balanced noble taste when resting.

  • «Volodinka»

    “Volodinka” vodka is the benchmark for quality and sophistication. The unique recipe for this vodka is the use of exceptional quality Lux grain alcohol, crystal clear, soft water and the passionate work of professionals striving for perfection. The harmonious combination of the infusion of sprouted wheat grain and vodka flavour gives “Volodinka” vodka an unforgettable taste and an extraordinary smoothness. The production of “Volodinka” vodka includes an additional unique final ageing stage – rest. “Volodinka” vodka acquires its harmonious noble taste when resting.


    One of the latest innovations of premium segment vodka. For those who appreciate tradition, aesthetics and decent content. “PETROVKA” vodka is produced using water treated with a natural material – shungite. The recipe includes an infusion of specially roasted barley malt, which gives the drink a subtle malt aroma, a harmonious taste and a long aftertaste. The crystal purity is achieved by a careful filtration of each drop of the drink with silver. “PETROVKA” vodka acquires its distinctive noble taste during a certain ageing period at a constant temperature.

  • «99999 Alpha»

    «99999 Alpha» vodka is the latest development that uses the same name «Alpha» alcohol from food raw materials in its preparation.
    Alpha alcohol is made only on the basis of wheat and rye grains. This alcohol is the basis of the highest quality vodkas.
    The composition of the blend in the preparation of this amazing drink includes alcohol infusion of light raisins and natural honey, which gives the softness of the drink and leaves a pleasant aftertaste.
    «99999 Alpha» vodka has all the necessary qualities for an exceptionally good vodka!

  • «99999 ECO»

    «99999 ECO» vodka is the freshest development of our factory, located among the Zhiguli Mountains in «Samarskaya Luka» national park. Environmental friendliness and compliance with current environmental requirements is confirmed by a certificate of compliance with environmental safety requirements.
    In the process of making «99999 ECO» vodka uses «Alpha» alcohol of food raw materials. Alcohol infusions of oat flakes and rye breadcrumbs add a special flavour.
    The crystal purity of the vodka is due to the 8-stage filtration and silver enrichment, which contributes to impeccable purity of flavour and taste of the drink!

  • «Amadeо»

    Amadeo has a delicate, classic and soft vodka flavor. This beverage is perfect in all ways – natural ingredients that provide an unusual taste of vodka, the “Luxe” class alcohol, the technology of triple distillation and specially designed bottle in the form of a decanter. It is extremely clean and quality product that does not contain flavorings and colorings. Premium Vodka represents exceptional luxury and refined taste. In 2015 Amadeo is recognized as the best vodka of Zhigulevsk.

  • «Family Doctor» special

    “Family Doctor” special vodka combines the purity of a natural drink with an extraordinary taste. This drink perfectly combines specially selected Lux grain alcohol, soft water, alcoholic infusions of natural ingredients, triple purification technology and passionate handiwork made with love. A distinctive feature of “Family Doctor” special vodka is the addition of alcoholic infusions of oat flakes, birch buds, lime blossoms and rye breadcrumbs, which give the vodka its perfectly balanced unique taste and aroma. “Family Doctor” special vodka has won a number of awards for «Best Taste».



  • «99999 GOLD»

    The floral honey and golden root tincture included in the formulation give a huge potential for virile strength and toning. “99999 GOLD” vodka is characterized by crystal purity and a harmonious mild taste. It is produced using classic technology with Lux grain alcohol and specially prepared shungite-treated water. The molecular structure of shungite has unique properties. One of them is a special energy information field, which directly affects people with a health-improving and rejuvenating effect. The production process uses a triple purification method through silver filters, giving the drink an impeccable purity of taste and aroma.
  • «Kalitka»

    Vodka «Rustic Wicket» is a beverage with a classic balanced taste. The original design of the bottle and an exclusive formulation are the indispensable attributes of the product. It is made on the basis of Luxe class alcohol. This is a light beverage; there is no analogue in taste, because it is made of natural ingredients using a special technology. Vodka “Rustic Wicket ” is a traditional Russian beverage. Alcohol strength is 38%. Therefore, the vodka is so extremely soft and easy.