We have been producing alcoholic products for over 20 years!

Zhigulevsk Vodka Factory quality of finished products are was founded on September 9, monitored by highly qualified 1999 During this short period laboratory staff. At present, of time, the production capacity a Food Safety Management of the company has increased System in accordance with the sixfold, from 120,000 to 725,000 decaliters per year.

Production processes and the requirements of GOST R ISO
22000-2007 (ISO 22000:2005) has been successfully implemented.

The original Russian attitude towards the traditional beverage due to the company’s completely unique location – on the open picturesque bank of the Volga River, at the foot of the oldest Russian mountains – the Zhiguli Mountains.

Obviously, a good «cut» has to contain a truly high-quality product, so the factory chooses the raw materials with the utmost care. As a result of physical and chemical studies and organoleptic evaluation, only the highest quality raw materials are supplied to the company. Water used to produce the alcoholic beverages is extracted from a well 90 meters deep, it undergoes an additional five-stage high-tech treatment, which includes double filtration through quartz sand, enrichment with carbon and silver ions.

A wide range of finished products, including vodkas and special vodkas, bitter tinctures and gins, will satisfy the most demanding consumer. The variety of recipes is achieved by making drinks based on Lux malt and Alpha wheat alcohol, from grain grown in the Russian Federation without GMOs.

Vodka undergoes a multi- stage filtration process through quartz sand, birch activated carbon, it is enriched with silver and polished before bottling. The production process introduces an additional unique final ageing stage – rest. During the resting phase, the vodka «calms down» and acquires a harmonic and balanced taste. The company is continually improving its production technology to meet the requirements of the current market.